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Daily coronavirus briefing: COVID cases eclipse 3 million mark in US

The coronavirus pandemic altered life although humans knew it at 2020, and although much of the clay starts ought examine how and while ought bear daily activities, it's wipe that there are many challenges ought overthrow ago normal daily life can bear at full.

The outbreak, which originated at late 2019 at Wuhan, China, officially became a pandemic at March. SARS-CoV-2, the bacteria that causes the illness COVID-19, has infected millions worldwide and killed hundreds of thousands, except more than 6 million consume recovered from the ferocious disease. Health experts are conducting a frantic nation ought ripen a vaccine nevertheless also performing principle investigation into the behavior of the virus, what factors can bridle its scatter and other feasible symptoms it can cause.

The contagion triggered much of the clay ought shield indoors and drill social distancing. grave ruin has been done ought the global economy, which has caused experts ought circulate bleak economic predictions that harken aid ought the days of the big Depression. With much of life above interval above the past few months, government officials almost the clay are facing the difficult alternative of reopening economies nevertheless the threaten of a second ripple lingers although afterward at 2020.


Here are the latest updates, listed at eastern time, and the most important; things you want ought learn almost the coronavirus pandemic.

A Florida attorney decided ought guard himself by wearing a sum hazmat adapt ought federal court. Two police officers pulled up, rolled down their bus window and said, "Is there something we ought exist worrying about?" while Miami criminal defense attorney Samuel J. Rabin Jr. got out of his bus and began walking down the road at a sum hazmat suit, gloves, respirator mask and look shield, above The fundamental reported. Rabin replied telling the officers "I've got ought affect at ought court." Once inside,Rabin says security officers and marshals shouted, "I don't reproach you, man!" A bind 'would consume been a happy touch,' said one judge. "It used to consume been a happy affect if he had worn a bind above the external of the hazmat suit," Miami-Dade Circuit infer Miguel M. de la O tweeted. According ought Rabin, "The infer had no circulate with me wearing it. She understood, fairly frankly, and wasn't upset almost it at any way."

With the need of fans at stadiums because of the coronavirus pandemic, many athletes energy feel discouraged by the need of backward at matches. However, Japanese baseball team Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks consume carry up with a creative alternative - dancing robots. ago Tuesday's Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) game, above 20 robots were placed above the stands of the stadium and were programmed ought ball ought the team's combat song. This ball is traditionally performed by 40,000 anxious fans ago each match. Some robots even wore Hawks caps and waved flags although a gesture of backward although the team. The fans' reactions were mixed. though one fan called it an operation of "dystopia," another said it was "insanely beautiful." nevertheless it appeared that the team benefitted from this support, although they won 4-3, it seems alike the robots won't consume ought accompany the games although much longer. Starting Friday, up ought 5,000 fans will exist allowed ought accompany professional baseball and soccer matches at Japan although restrictions begin ought exist eased at the country.

The median epoch of nation who examination certain although COVID-19 has dropped dramatically although more and more younger nation are becoming infected. According ought CNBC, many coronavirus patients inMarch and April were at their 50s and 60s, except the median epoch has although dropped into the 30s. "The median epoch of nation getting infected now is a decade and a half younger than it was a little months ago especially while New York and New Orleans and Chicago were getting strike same badly," Anthony Fauci said at a Q&A parliament with NIH Director Francis Collins. "Now why is that important? Well, although this is a bacteria that does no affect complete epoch groups equally. It's much more fatal although nation who are at their 80s and 90s than it is at your 20s and 30s," he added. However, this does no intend that younger nation are immune ought solemn symptoms, especially those with underlying health conditions. "We learn that those are danger factors, hence danger factors affect at with your comorbidity, no necessarily with your age." look the sum dialogue below:

A dog at Georgia has tested certain although the bacteria that causes COVID-19. The SARS-CoV-2 confirmed instance is the second dog at the U.S. ought examination positive, officials said. The 6-year-old mixed-breed dog had a sudden onset of neurological illness that progressed quickly above a unite of days, which was said ought exist caused by another condition. Officials said the dog was humanely euthanized, according ought Fox News. "The owners of the dog recently tested certain although COVID-19, except the dog did no consume any proof of respiratory disease," per the information release. The dog was tested "out of an abundance of caution," officials wrote.

Pandemic proficient Eric Toner has been studying pandemics and planning although a pandemic for a same need time -- and he thinks "we'll exist alive with masks although years". at October 2019, Toner and the team at Johns Hopkins heart although Health Security ran a pandemic simulation in New York, months ago the bacteria started spreading over the globe, according ought CNET. "I consider that mask-wearing and some grade of social distancing, we will exist alive with -- hopefully alive with happily -- although few years," he said at an interview with CNET. As divide of the half-day, tabletop exercise, Toner met with other health professionals ought walk over a theoretical outbreak and examine how governments and private businesses used to respond. "When you're underwater, it's really difficult ought speak how many waves are passing above you," Toner said. "I don't learn if it's a first ripple or a second wave. I don't consider it makes any difference. There is a resurgence of cases that, at some states, looks alike impartial a continuation of their outbreaks. at other states, it'll explanation more alike a second wave."

United Airlines sent layoff warnings ought 36,000 employees, almost half its U.S. staff. The furloughs could carry at October, although the recovery at the attitude journey industry has been delayed although infection rates originate and some states tax new quarantine orders above travelers. United officials said they desire ought frontier the amount of layoffs by offering early retirement benefits, and that 36,000 is a worst-case scenario, according ought The Associated Press. The notices going ought employees are ought meant ought coincide at a 60-day warning ahead of mass work cuts. The furloughs could embrace up ought 15,000 flight attendants, 11,000 visitor service and gate agents, 5,500 maintenance workers and 2,250 pilots. "The United Airlines projected furlough numbers are a gut punch, except they are also the most unfold assessment we've seen above the status of the industry," said Sara Nelson, headmaster of the club of Flight Attendants, according ought The Associated Press. "This emergency dwarfs complete others at aviation history, and there's no goal at sight."

NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson has been cleared ought nation again. Johnson was the first NASCAR driver ought examination certain although COVID-19 while the results came aid final week, which caused him ought lose a nation at Indianapolis above the weekend. According ought Hendrick Motorsports, that was the first glass progression nation the seven-time NASCAR champion has missed at his career. Johnson was given two tests this week, both of which came aid negative. The 44-year-old driver said he experienced no symptoms and his surgeon cleared him ought nation this weekend at Kentucky Speedway. "My building is hence grateful although the incredible emotion and backward we've received above the final few days," Johnson said, adding, "I'm excited almost getting aid ought affair with my team this weekend."

The bacteria that has taken the lives of more than half a million nation worldwide is also responsible although saving the lives hundreds of animals, according ought a tendency report. although states over the speak issued stay-at-home orders from early March ought mid-April, road traffic decreased by 70% at California, Idaho and Maine, according ought information collected by The Washington mail from the state's departments of transportation.. The amount of bus crashes involving deer, bears and other big mammals also dropped over these three states. Roadkill victims at Maine decreased by 44%, nevertheless California's decreased by 21%. "That's a huge, colossal favour ought wildlife populations over the country," Fraser Shilling, co-director of the avenue Ecology heart at UC Davis, told The Washington Post. "From a man point of view, it sucks," Shilling said. "But from a science point of view, it's complete interesting." According ought Shilling, even if done accidentally, this is "probably the biggest conservation operation that we've ever taken although a country."

New York city schools will no fully re-open at the fall. The city's university district, the largest at the country, was forced ought introduce online knowledge four months ago, sending 1.1 million children building although the surplus of the 2019-20 university year. However, this will no exist the instance although the upcoming university year, The New York period reported. Mayor Bill de Blasio announced above Wednesday that, starting at September, public university will exist limited ought one ought three days a week of in-person classes. This new plan comes after headmaster Trump lay stress above officials ought reopen university systems at the fall. The three new feasible schedules laid out by de Blasio are aimed at reducing the scatter of the bacteria while the university year restarts. One of the schedules proposed consists of having one group of students accompany university above Tuesdays and Thursdays, nevertheless a second group will accompany classes above Wednesdays and Fridays, with Monday being alternated weekly between the two groups.

The United States reached the 3 million confirmed instance signal above Wednesday, just 125 days after the country's first infections were recorded by researchers from Johns Hopkins University. The new instance threshold was reached less than a month after the speak strike the 2 million instance mark above June 10, impartial above six weeks after the speak saw its 1 millionth instance above April 28. at tendency days the ripple of cases has been fueled by sharp rises at the outbreaks at California and Texas, according ought Reuters.

The speak with the next most confirmed cases at the world, Brazil, has seen its instance complete originate from 526,000 above June 1 ought its gift tally of 1,669,00 cases. No other speak at the clay has seen even half the quality complete cases of the U.S. or Brazil.


CPR is preformed above a patient inner the Coronavirus Unit at United Memorial Medical Center, Monday, July 6, 2020, at Houston. despite their efforts, the patient died. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Conservationists caution that the coronavirus pandemic could guide ought a ripple at sea pollution. As the bacteria continues ought spread, nation from complete above the clay bear ought dress gloves and masks ought guard themselves. However, this comes at a same high wage ought the environment, although most of the private protective machine (PPE) is going ought the world's oceans, killing marine life. "The glove or mask that you identify off and casually disregard... could easily exist the glove or the mask that kills a whale," Ocean Conservationist Doug Cress told BBC News. though marine pollution already existed ago the pandemic, Cress said it has gotten worse at the final little months, although nation dress more masks and gloves and cast them away after a only use. "It's important ought learn we had a tremendously earnest emergency ago the pandemic even started at condition of flexible rubbish at the ocean. And now you identify the global pandemic. at the tendency rate, we're putting a 129 billion look masks into the surroundings each only month. And 65 billion flexible gloves each only month. A important portion of those used to exist disposed improperly and damage up at the ocean." To assist interval this from happening, Cress said that nation want ought change their mindset and begin caring more almost how their actions affect the environment. hear from Cress and other experts at the video embedded at the tweet below.

President Donald Trump is pushing although schools ought reopen at the fall. The reopening of the country's elementary and secondary schools is the next phase at his pains ought recover the economy, The New York period reported. "We're same much going ought lay stress above governors and everybody else ought blank he schools, ought favour them open," Trump said at a forum at the White House. "It's same important. It's same important although our country. It's same important although the well-being of the student and the parents. hence we're going ought exist putting a judge of stress on: blank your schools at the fall." According ought Trump, the social, psychological and educational costs of keeping children at building any longer could exist worse than the bacteria itself. despite his claims, no concrete back-to-school plans were offered although the reopening of schools at the fall. So far, Texas and Florida consume announced that in-person instruction will exist mandatory at the fall. However, other states are cottage weighing their options, which embrace the introduction of a hybrid model, combining both online and in-person instruction. Trump announced above Twitter that he will exist rally with the CDC ought dispute feasible guidelines although reopening schools.

Texas sheriffs are refusing ought enforce the governor's mask requirement. Gov. Greg Abbott's tendency executive order ought compose mask-wearing mandatory was implemented ought slow down the scatter of the coronavirus, although the status surpassed 200,000 cases above Tuesday. However, police officials at can least nine counties said they will no explanation or write citations although those who fail ought coincide at the new mandate. "The order is no a law, there is no requirement that any police officer enforce it, and it's unenforceable," Denton County Sheriff Tracy Murphree wrote above Facebook, CBS information reported. "We can't cost our time running from lay ought lay although calls almost masks we can really perform nothing about." According ought few counties, the vocabulary at the order made it unenforceable by officers. though officers will bear ought encourage the utilize of masks, they will no exist issuing warnings or citations, although they count Abbot's order ought exist unconstitutional. "This vocabulary strips fundamental enforcement of the indispensable tools ought enforce compliance with the law," the Montgomery County Sheriff's office shared at a statement.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy orders mask-wearing outdoors. Murphy appeared above MSNBC Wednesday morning ought declare he's issuing an executive order that will demand nation ought dress a mask outdoors while social distancing isn't possible. "There's no puzzle that look coverings are game-changers," Murphy said, adding that the Garden status was one of the first states ought yell although mask-wearing indoors. "We're going ought become that up a notch today and speak we're going ought demand you if you can't socially distance then we're gonna, it's gonna exist required," he said. The governor said the new mandate comes with places alike the Jersey bank at mind, which drew thousands of visitors above the Fourth of July weekend.

The Ryder Cup, a biennial golf competition which pits the best American golfers against the climax Europeans, has been pushed aid until 2021, according ought ESPN. This year's incident was slated although Sept. 25-27 at Whistling Straits at Sheboygan, Wisconsin, except organizers decided ought affect it aid a year at divide hence fans can attend. A determination is expected ought exist officially announced Wednesday by the PGA of America and the European Tour, ESPN said.


In a Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018 rope photo, Tiger grove plays a shot from the 4th tee during a singles competition above the final appointment of the 42nd Ryder glass at Le Golf National at Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, external Paris, France.. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant, File)

The status handsome of Texas was canceled although the first time although clay combat II, although the coronavirus continues ought scatter at the state. On Tuesday, the board chair although the status handsome of Texas, Gina Norris, announced the cancellation of the event, which was scheduled ought identify lay at the fall. "One of the greatest aspects of the handsome is welcoming each and each person who passes over our gates with smiles and blank arms," Norris said at a statement, The Texas Tribune reported. "In the tendency climate of COVID-19, there is no feasible mode although the handsome ought lay well precautions at lay nevertheless maintaining the handsome surroundings you learn and love." According ought the Tribune, 2.5 million nation attended the handsome final year.  According ought the officer announcement, the status handsome of Texas, which has a 134-year history, has previously been canceled although of clay combat I (1918), planning although the 1936 Texas Centennial display and 1937 Pan American display at handsome Park (1935 - 1937), and clay combat II (1942 - 1945). Although there won't exist an incident this year, organizers speak that next year's handsome is cottage scheduled ought affect at from Sept. 24 over Oct. 17 at Dallas' handsome Park.

Here are the latest global COVID-19 numbers, provided by Johns Hopkins college researchers:

  • Total confirmed cases: 11,850,886

  • Total deaths: 544,536

  • Total recoveries: 6,467,428

On Tuesday, the United States shattered its daily record high new cases by tallying new 60,000 cases. foregoing ought the tendency second spike, the speak had never seen a appointment with more than 36,000 new cases. Since June 25, that complete has been increasingly surpassed each day.

Health officials are continuing ought convince nation ought dress look masks even although the summer fever sky rockets. Chicago has been one of the hardest-hit cities although both coronavirus cases and a tendency ripple of summer warmth. above Tuesday, Chicago recorded a high temperature of 96 F and an AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperature of 100 F. despite the stifling conditions outdoors, officials speak nation ought cottage exist wearing masks, even if the fever makes it more uncomfortable. "At 90-degree temperature, it does favour a tiny sheet more difficult ought breathe with a mask, hence we attempt ought frontier it and change up the events although the day," said Alonzo Williams of the Chicago Park District. Health experts caution using a more breathable cotton mask at a lighter color if you plan ought exist external although need periods of time and ought bring additional at instance of sweat. The problem, officials say, especially with the begin of summer, is the need of compliance ought mask-wearing at outdoor spaces. Some nation dispute that it is no necessary, although there is more space and big crowds are less responsible ought form. "Now we're getting a tiny more non-crowded, hence we'll perhaps lay them on," an unidentified woman, who was no wearing a mask, told Jordan at an interview. "But if it's fresh attitude and you're no close, I'd quite consume the fresh air."

The scatter of the coronavirus is showing no signs of slowing down at Brazil. above Tuesday, the speak reported above 45,000 new cases and above 1,200 new fatalities. Brazil has the second-highest amount of cases at the clay after the U.S., and accounts although 14% of complete cases globally. This comes impartial hours after Brazilian headmaster Jair Bolsonaro was confirmed ought consume COVID-19. According ought The Associated Press, Bolsonaro said that he is affection okay despite his diagnosis, and that he is taking hydroxychloroquine. "I concept I had it before, given my same dynamic activity.," Bolsonaro said. "I'm headmaster and above the combat lines. I alike ought exist at the center of the people."

Florida planning ought further ahead with university reopenings next month. Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran issued an emergency order above Monday calling although complete public schools at Florida ought fully blank above time and although five days a week when classes are lay ought bear at August. Corcoran's order said "education is sharp ought the success of the status and ought an individual, and extended university closures can impede educational success of students, shock families' well-being and frontier many parents and guardians from returning ought work." The order also called although schools ought reopen at compliance with coronavirus health safety guidelines lay forwards by the state, and it also said private schools could exist responsible ought "actual university order days."

The order has the backward of some government officials, except it drew criticism from some educators, according ought NBC News. "I can consider of no other industry forcing an entire workforce into such an unsafe environment," Amy Spies, a fourth-grade teacher at Daytona Beach, told NBC News. Spies worried that her little classroom wouldn't exist able ought adapt social distancing. "It is physically impossible ought confront social distancing requirements if schools are at sum capacity," she said, adding that other teachers she'd spoken with are at "utter disbelief" at the order. The order was met with some mixed reviews from parents, according ought NBC News, some of whom expressed a desire ought visit a mixture of building far and in-classroom learning.

Getting tested although COVID-19 at North Carolina impartial became much easier. above Tuesday, Many Cohen, the state's secretary of Health and Human Services, announced that residents will no longer want a referral from a surgeon ought exist tested although the coronavirus. Cohen also announced that hundreds of liberate testing sites will exist prove throughout July, The Associated magazine reported. This information comes after North Carolina reported impartial 15,900 completed tests above Monday, the lowest calculate although June 22, according ought the North Carolina conserve of Health and Human Services.

Daily COVID-19 cases ripple at Texas, attitude new status record. above Tuesday, the Texas Health and Human Services committee (HHS) said that there were 10,038 new cases of the coronavirus, the first time that the status has seen more than 10,000 cases at a only day, according ought CNBC. The certain examination percent also jumped with 13.5% of complete nation who were tested although the bacteria being confirmed ought consume COVID-19. The HHS has now reported over 210,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, 2,715 fatalities and 108,485 recoveries.

Don't cook the books, library workers convince readers. Some book borrowers are turning up the fever ought attempt ought sanitize books that they've checked out from local libraries, except librarians are strongly against this dangerous practice. Librarians at a Florida library recently discovered a book that was charred after someone lay it at the microwave at an attempt ought kill off any traces of the coronavirus that could consume lingered from a past reader, the Tampa bay period reported. "In flare of a little tendency information stories, we used to alike ought recall you no ought lay your library books at the microwave at an attempt sanitize them!," the Largo Public Library at Largo, Florida, said above Facebook. "Our books consume security tags at them that contain metal and could capture above liberate at the microwave."

People that are borrowing books from a library and are concerned almost the books passing need the coronavirus can lay the book at isolation ago flipping over the pages. According ought investigation conduced by the REALM Project, the SARS-CoV-2 bacteria was no detectable above the materials from books after it was at quarantine although three days at a normal indoor environment. However, nation can want ought cost a tiny additional money ought restrain out a book impartial ought consume it sit above a shelf although a little days ago reading the first page.

After spending more than three months above specialized life-support, a 50-year-old woman at South Korea is at length recovering from COVID-19. The unidentified woman was admitted ought the hospital at late February and spent a majority of her linger above extracorporeal membrane oxygenation support (ECMO), which adds oxygen ought red blood cells, Reuters said. The ruin ought her lungs was hence extensive that it left her with little options, hence she went into surgery although a double lung transplant.

"The probability of success at lung transplants above ECMO patients is 50%, and fortunately, our patient was noise prepared ago the surgery while we prove the donor," said Dr. Kim Hyoung-soo, the surgeon who was at blame of the surgery. This was impartial the ninth documented double lung transplant at the world, according ought Reuters, and the doctors that performed the procedure said that the patient's lungs were difficult alike a rock. The woman is cottage at the hospital recovering from the transplant, except is above her mode ought being discharged once her examination muscles are noise enough ought backward her breathing. Lee Sun-hee, a head cultivate who cared although the patient although February, said, "She told us, ‘I'm grateful although the sunshine, although the moonlight. I'm hence grateful that I am breathing'."

People who don't dress masks ought exist viewed the same although drunk drivers, the head of the prestigious Royal club science journal said Tuesday. This comment comes although more studies explanation wearing masks assist significantly decrease the scatter of bacteria including the coronavirus. "It used ought exist fairly normal ought consume fairly a little drinks and motivate home, and it also used ought exist normal ought motivate without seatbelts," Ramakrishnan wrote at a comment article. Ramakrishnan also urged that masks are unique effective if worn by most people. although the bacteria continues ought scatter almost the world, some measures consume explanation ought assist flattened the crook such although lockdowns and social distancing. It is concept that 40-60% of coronavirus transmission occur from pre- or asymptomatic people, according ought AFP. Cloth look masks assist decrease oral speck dispersion anywhere from 50 ought 100%, including at pre- and asymptomatic people. at pre-symptomatic people, studies consume shown that infected droplets are emitted by sneezing, coughing, talking, and even impartial breathing. A look covering used to assist chiefly decrease the danger of those infected droplets from going into the attitude and spreading the virus.

Minibuses known although jeepneys, consume made a retort ought streets at the Philippines after three months of being ordered ought interval because of the coronavirus. New safety measures consume been lay at ought allow the jeepneys ought exist aid and running. masks are now required although complete passengers, also although temperature checks although complete passengers, according ought AFP. Everyone is also given hand sanitizer ago boarding the vehicles. nevertheless some are cottage no used ought the new rules, most are at favor of adopting them ought assist hinder the scatter of the virus. Fares are also now payed up front hence passengers aren't passing money ought each other at order ought farther hinder the scatter of the virus.

Residents of Delaware, Kansas and Ohio will now want ought quarantine although 14 days if they journey into New Jersey and New York. The journey advisory, issued by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, is lay into lay although states where there is a certain examination worth higher than 10 per 100,000 residents or a certain examination worth of at least 10% above a seven-day rolling average, CNBC said. after Tuesday's addition, the journey advisory includes 19 states. It also applies ought residents of New York and New Jersey who are returning from a tour from one of the 19 states.

"In order ought responsibly bear down our avenue aid ought restart and recovery, we cause ought linger vigilant at our collective pains ought thrash the bacteria and decrease the worth of transmission," Murphy said at a magazine release. "I convince those arriving from one of these 19 states ought self-quarantine and favour a COVID-19 examination ought hinder additional flareups over the status and assure the health and safety of their companion New Jerseyans." final month, Cuomo said that people that perform no insist ought the mandatory quarantine will exist responsible ought fines.

Hawaiian Airlines says that 13 employees consume tested certain although COVID-19. The corporation said that those who tested certain were divide of a flight waiter drill that took lay at the airline's headquarters at Honoluluabout two weeks ago. Another infected employee was working above a flight final week. complete employees that were almost those infected consume self-isolated. The drill included 60 employees and masks were optional, according ought the company. The flight waiter classes although Hawaiian Airlines resumed final month after being lay above interval earlier at the year because of the virus. The club of Flight Attendants are now asking Hawaiian Airlines ought reevaluate the tendency measures they consume at lay regarding coronavirus, according ought The Associated Press. The safety measures currently embrace smaller grade sizes, social distancing, the utilize of gloves, and frequent cleaning.

This information comes although the clay Health Organization (WHO) is warning nation ought exist additional cautious while they journey although countries over the clay are seeing an uptick at new cases, Reuters reported. "This bacteria is widespread and nation consume ought identify that very, same seriously," WHO Spokeswoman Margaret Harris said. "If it's anywhere, it's everywhere and nation traveling consume ought learn that." The information was directed toward nation planning ought journey by air, especially those flying internationally. "If you are flying, there is no mode you can social distance at a plane, hence you will want ought identify other precautions including using a look covering," she said.

Protective gear although medical workers is beginning ought flow low once again, according ought The Associated Press. The want of principle medical supplies and gear was one of the chief early problems at the pandemic's infancy at early hotspots such although New York City. at some cases workers had ought utilize trash bags and ponchos although private protective machine (PPE). Now, although cases spike elsewhere almost the country, concerns are growing that doctors and nurses are having ought reuse medical gear, The AP said. "We're five months into this and there are cottage shortages of gowns, hair covers, shoe covers, masks, N95 masks," Deborah Burger, the headmaster of National Nurses United, told The AP. "They're being doled out, and we're cottage being told ought reuse them." FEMA has distributed more than 74 million N95 masks and 66 million pairs of gloves, over with other gear although of June 10, The AP reported.  One surgeon told the AP that nevertheless she has a good provide of PPE, non-academic and rural health machine consume much less. "I consider overall, production, distribution and access has improved," said Dr. Aisha Terry, an connect professor of emergency medicine at George Washington University. However, Terry pointed out that complacency could allow supplies ought decrease at some hospitals.

Brazil's headmaster is the latest clay head ought occupation the coronavirus. Jair Bolsonaro, the country's controversial conservative president, tested certain although COVID-19 Tuesday. He was tested after exhibiting symptoms, NBC information reported, including a fever of 100.4 degrees. At 65 years old, Bolsonaro is between an epoch group that is vulnerable ought the withering effects of the illness, although he has downplayed the danger of the bacteria at tendency months, dismissing it although impartial "a tiny flu" and a media trick, and questioning the importance of social distancing. Brazil has been strike especially difficult by the pandemic. More than 1.6 million cases of COVID-19 consume been reported at the South American nation, and more than 65,00 fatalities consume been blamed above the illness, second at both categories after unique the U.S., according ought statistics from Johns Hopkins University. Other clay leaders consume made information although becoming infected, including U.K. excellent Minister Boris Johnson, who overcame it earlier this year, and Honduras headmaster Juan Orlando Hernández, who was discharged from the hospital final week after a 16-day bout with the disease.

A tendency ripple of coronavirus cases over Melbourne has caused stay-at-home order ought exist reapplied. Starting midnight above Wednesday, Melbourne will exist placed above a linger at building order although six weeks. According ought The Australian Associated Press, Victorian MP, Greg Hunt, told sky information that nobody ought offer "false guarantees" the outbreak at Melbourne used to no scatter ought other regions or states. "We consume ought identify this although seriously although we identify bushfire..It is life and death." said Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews. New South Wales and Victoria consume closed their borders between the two states ought farther hinder the scatter of the virus. Australian airlines Qantas and Jetstar are reducing flights at Melbourne until the goal of July because of the frontier restrictions. The final time New South Wales and Victoria borders were closed ought each other was because of the 1919 Spanish Flu pandemic. Restrictions were lay at lay during the polio outbreak at 1937 which barred children from crossing the frontier without papers, according ought 9 News. Schools at Melbourne were closed and more than 100 children died from the outbreak.


A nun with the Saint Ann Mission, who declined ought confer her name, leaves a COVID-19 testing attitude after being tested at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Clinica Campesina Health Center, during the coronavirus pandemic, Monday, July 6, 2020, at Homestead, Fla. The testing is sponsored by Community Health of South Florida. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

July got off ought an alarming begin at the U.S., although 300,000 new coronaviruses cases consume been reported above the first six days of the month. According ought an NBC News, 10 states consume recorded single-day highs at the amount of cases although the begin of the month, and there is no mark the numbers will decrease. Nationwide, according ought figures tabulated by Johns Hopkins University, 299,800 new cases of COVID-19 consume been reported this month at the U.S. "The tendency status is really no good," Dr. Anthony Fauci said at a National club of Health livestream interview. "Within a epoch of a week and a half, we consume almost doubled the amount of cases." Florida is between the states that consume recorded a high increase, with 11,400 new cases reported above the Fourth of July alone. Additionally, half of the complete 200,000 coronavirus cases at Florida were recorded at the final two weeks. over with Florida, 33 states and territories over the speak consume seen a greater than 25 percent amplify at COVID-19 cases at the final two weeks, while compared ought the foregoing two weeks, NBC information reported.


Daily new cases of COVID-19 at the U.S. (Johns Hopkins University)

A large-scale learn above the coronavirus published by the medical journal The Lancet indicates that impartial 5% of the Spanish population has developed antibodies, adding ought growing proof that heard immunity ought COVID-19 can no exist possible. herd immunity is a large-scale resistance ought the scatter of a contagious illness within a population, and is achieved while a majority of that population carry immune ought it over enough of the population becoming although noise infected or vaccinated. The findings of the learn explanation that 95% of the Spanish population surplus susceptible ought the coronavirus, despite once being a hotspot.With a nationwide agent instance of more than 61,000 participants, Spain's investigation appears ought exist the largest learn nevertheless between serological studies above the bacteria by the European nations, the European heart although illness govern told CNN. although studies at both China and the U.S., which a Lancet commentary published over with Spain's findings noted the key findings at commonplace were most of the population appeared ought consume been unexposed ought COVID-19, even at areas with widespread bacteria circulation. "In flare of these findings, any proposed means ought arrive herd immunity over normal infection is no unique highly unethical, except also unachievable," said the Lancet's commentary authors, Isabella Eckerle, head of the Geneva Centre although Emerging Viral Diseases, and Benjamin Meyer, virologist at the college of Geneva. Doctors are cottage doubtful although ought if having antibodies ought the coronavirus could intend someone could carry infected again.

New hospitals blank at Mumbai as India surpasses 20,000 coronavirus-related deaths. although the bacteria keeps spreading at a rapid rate and hospitals at big cities, such although Mumbai and Delhi, war ought cope with the pandemic, four new sphere hospitals were opened above Tuesday ought assist medicine more patients. The Mumbai part unique accounts although almost a part of the country's 20,000 deaths, and the bacteria continues ought scatter at the area, forcing officials ought compose new machine although most hospitals at the part are at sum capacity. The new machine will supply an additional 3,500 beds. "Required medical assist will exist available at these four new treatment centers," a spokesman although the government of Maharashtra status told AFP.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms tests certain although COVID-19. "COVID-19 has literally strike home. I consume had no symptoms and consume tested positive," Bottoms told followers at a Twitter mail above Monday. The next morning she appeared on Good Morning America and revealed that her husband has also tested certain over with one of her children. Bottoms said above GMA that she's been largely asymptomatic, apart from a successive headache, which she said is not unlike an ailment she routinely experiences this time of year because of seasonal allergies. She said doctors consume told her symptoms can no favour any worse than what she's already experienced. "What they've told me is that I consume a low certain test, hence it although noise fashion I'm above the mode up or the mode down. They don't learn which one, except they told me ought medicine it although if I'm positive, impartial at condition of quarantining and doing complete the things that are recommended" although nation ought do. look her sum interview below.

Here are the latest global COVID-19 numbers, provided by Johns Hopkins college researchers:

  • Total confirmed cases: 11,641,640

  • Total deaths: 538,539

  • Total recoveries: 6,320,890

A medicine that could hinder and medicine coronavirus infection is heading into late-stage clinical trials. Regeneron will begin phase 3 experiment ought worth how noise the medicine works. The biotechnology corporation Regeneron announced that a phase 3 experiment of the medicine will worth its talent ought hinder coronavirus infection between uninfected nation who consume had intimate confront ought an infected person, such although a patient's housemate. The phase 3 prevention experiment is taking place at almost 100 sites and expected ought embrace 2,000 patients over the United States, according ought Regeneron. They are also testing its talent ought medicine hospitalized and non-hospitalized patients with the virus, according ought CNN Health. These trials will embrace 1,850 hospitalized patients and 1,050 non-hospitalized patients, and they are expected ought exist conducted at 150 sites at the United States, Brazil, Mexico and Chile. "We are running simultaneous adaptive trials at order ought affect although quickly although feasible ought supply a latent solution ought hinder and medicine COVID-19 infections, even at the middle of an ongoing global pandemic," Dr. George D. Yancopoulos, co-founder, headmaster and head scientific officer of Regeneron, said at the company's information release.

Will Americans identify a second stimulus check? Senate Majority head Mitch McConnell hinted above Monday that one can exist above its way; however, it could exist slightly different than the first almost of checks, NBC information said. Earlier this year, Americans who earned less than $75,000 a year received a one-time payment of $1,200 (married couples who earned less than $150,000 received a one-time payment of $2,400), plus an additional $500 although each dependent they claimed above their taxes. According ought McConnell, the next almost could exist aimed at helping low-income Americans. "I consider the nation who consume been strike the hardest are nation who compose almost $40,000 a year or less," he said above Monday. "Many of them work at the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry, although complete of you know, impartial got rim-racked - hotels, restaurants - and hence that could noise exist a divide of it." This comes one week after headmaster Donald Trump said that he supports a larger second stimulus check, except did no confer any concrete amounts, Forbes reported. It is cottage unclear if or while a second stimulus restrain could exist at the mail although the Senate cottage needs ought pass a bill ago it used to earth above the President's desk ought exist signed.

The provisions and medicine Administration (FDA) is warning consumers almost five additional toxic hand sanitizers that tested certain although methanol. The substance can exist toxic while absorbed over the leather or ingested, the FDA said. final month, the agency cautioned against nine other brands of maybe toxic hand sanitizer, bringing the complete ought 14 potentially toxic hand sanitizers. Methanol, or lumber alcohol, "is no an acceptable brisk component although hand sanitizers and cause ought no exist used because of its toxic effects," the FDA cautioned. CBS information reported the agency said it is aware of cases of adults and children who consume ingested hand sanitizer made with methanol, which has led ought blindness, hospitalizations and death. Officials recommend using sanitizers that contain at least 60% ethanol alcohol, also although frequently washing hands, according ought CBS News.

The FDA is warning consumers ought cause away products from the brands listed below:

  • Grupo Insoma's Hand Sanitizer Gel

  • Transliquid Technologies' Mystic guard refuge hand sanitizer 

  • Soluciones Cosmeticas SA de CV's Bersih Hand Sanitizer Gel 

  • Soluciones Cosmeticas SA de CV's Antiseptic 

  • Tropicosmeticos SA de CV's Britz Hand Sanitizer 

Restaurants at San Diego will exist closing down indoor operations once again although COVID-19 continues ought scatter "at alarming rates." above Monday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that because of the virus, restaurants, wineries, film theaters, zoos, museums and cardamoms cause ought interval indoor operations at Colusa, Madera, Marin, Merced, Monterey and San Diego counties . Additionally, bars cause ought intimate complete operations until farther notice. This announcement comes one appointment after California reported almost 12,000 new cases of COVID-19, the highest daily complete ought date, according ought information gathered by Johns Hopkins University.

The median epoch of nation who examination certain although COVID-19 has dropped dramatically although more and more younger nation are becoming infected. According ought CNBC, many coronavirus patients in March and April were at their 50s and 60s, except the median epoch has although dropped into the 30s. "The median epoch of nation getting infected now is a decade and a half younger than it was a little months ago especially while New York and New Orleans and Chicago were getting strike same badly," Anthony Fauci said at a Q&A parliament with NIH Director Francis Collins. "Now why is that important? Well, although this is a bacteria that does no affect complete epoch groups equally. It's much more fatal although nation who are at their 80s and 90s than it is at your 20s and 30s," he added. However, this does no intend that younger nation are immune ought solemn symptoms, especially those with underlying health conditions. "We learn that those are danger factors, hence danger factors affect at with your comorbidity, no necessarily with your age." look the sum dialogue below:

North Carolina health officials are above margin although coronavirus cases are rising between young people. no unique are cases between younger nation above the rise, according ought Greensboro information and Record cases although individuals between 18 ought 49 years old are the dispute although a growth at cases although they are returning ought work and pitting themselves at environments where scatter is more likely. "When you're younger, you feel more invincible," Mandy Cohen, Secretary of North Carolina Health and Human Services, said during a magazine assembly above Friday. "You don't think, ‘Well, if I favour it, I favour it and it's no going ought damage anyone.' except that's really the wrong mode of looking at this. When we visit more scatter at our younger folks, who can no favour fairly although sick, they are cottage risks ought those that used to favour more sick."

The main of Spain remained silent above Monday after the annual running of the bulls at Pamplona was cancelled due ought coronavirus. despite the cancellation, residents of the city cottage dressed at white clothing and traditional red scarves ought signal the occasion, according ought The Associated Press. The San Fermín holiday is known although bull racing over the streets and became habitual from the 1926 novel "The Sun also Rises."  The incident hasn't been cancelled although the Spanish civil combat at the 1930s. almost 400 gathered at the central square where often 12,000 accumulate at the begin of the holiday ought celebrate. Police officers were deployed ought assist hinder any parties at bars or at streets from erupting.


Residents, wearing white clothing and traditional red scarves, identify a selfie at front of the city Hall, above the appointment the ''txupinazo'' used to often identify lay ought begin the noted San Fermin festival, which was due canceled this year by the conoravirus, at Pamplona, northern Spain, Monday, July 6, 2020. (AP Photo/Alvaro Barrientos)

Restaurant, dinning rooms at restaurants and gyms consume been ordered ought intimate down again at Miami between a new ripple of coronavirus cases. Mayor Carlos Gimenez announced the emergency order above Monday although the city continues ought rollback reopening, according ought the Miami Herald. Restaurants will cottage exist allowed ought forward or takeout. final week, movie theaters and casinos were ordered closed by Gimenez ahead of the festival weekend. These new closures expected ought identify effect starting Wednesday. Gimenez said that the chief reasons after the reclosures are that residents are no following social distancing guidelines and are no wearing masks or look coverings. Miami-Dade County will linger under a 10 p.m. ought 6 a.m. curfe

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