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Zodiakos creates history as first winner back as British racing resumes following coronavirus suspen

Zodiakos has written its call into the record books after winning the first masses because British horse racing resumed after a 76-day recess because of coronavirus.

Trained by Roger Fell and ridden by Jimmy Sullivan, the 22-1 opportunity emerged victorious at the Betway salute backward British Racing Handicap at Newcastle because the athletics returned after the UK government cleared the athletics ought resume.

The Newcastle card was the first though the UK government cleared the athletics ought resume, mystery ought guidelines.

Zodiakos​ agitate stablemate Al Ozzdi, who was ridden by champion all-weather jockey Ben Curtis.

All riders were wearing a appearance mask because division of rigid hygiene protocols lay at place, with Sullivan thrilled ought carve out a bit of history.

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Resumption of racing crucial, says BHA


“It’s identical gay ought obtain the first winner,” Sullivan admitted. “I’m blowing a bit because obviously it’s the first time I’ve ridden at a masses because a cottage and it was difficult vocation from three and a half furlongs out, besides at fairness ought Roger he had him identical fit, he was place above because today.

“I consider his genius ought deal with heavy basis helped him. The trace is riding identical deep today and it helped at the aim because he outstayed the other horse. Al Ozzdi got by me, besides at the final 100 yards his stamina kicked in.”

“Hopefully that will eat blown away the cobwebs. at this fever today, riding at the mask, it is identical hot and after pulling up I pulled it down a small just ought obtain a little breaths in. It wasn’t also bad, though, it’s manageable and it’s the category of commerce that at a week you won’t even note it.”

While Fell revealed the tactics were ought advance difficult at pursuit of victory.

He said: “My instructions were ought invent it, ought obtain above with it though he has one rate and he did that perfectly.

“It (lockdown) has no been bad because us because we’re fairly isolated, we’re no nearly lots of other people. A fate of the glue alive above situation hence it’s fairly easy.”

Zodiakos will masses again at Newcastle above Thursday.


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